DisplayCAL Software

A freeware program DisplayCAL is an alternative to using the Spyder software. DisplayCAL may give more choices in settings and output of calibration results. The open screen allows you to specify the display type and calibration instrument, do a calibration, profiling and verification of a calibration.

Click on the calibration icon to bring up a window that allows you to set the various calibration parameters, including Colour temperature, white level, black level, gamma and calibration speed.  Once the calibration is started the program will measure a series of colour patches as in the figure above in the end creating a profile to adjust the video card output. This program does many more patches than the Spyder software which possibly means that the resulting calibration is more accurate. It also takes a considerable time to do a calibration using DisplayCAL so once started go have a cup of coffee. The figure below shows some of the profile information that can be displayed once the calibration is complete.



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