Part 7: Spyder Software

In the Spyder software you then have the choice of doing a recalibration to your current  settings, check the accuracy of the current calibration, or do a full calibration. At some point you will need to tell the computer what type of screen you are using, LCD, CRT or laptop and the controls your display offers eg. Contrast, brightness and colour temperature (white point) settings. The next step with the Spyder software is to measure the ambient light. This is done by placing the Spyder on its stand and clicking the next button on the "Measuring Ambient Light" screen.   The Spyder colorimeter (or spectrophotometer) is placed at the position on the screen indicated by the software. It is held in place by draping the cord attached to the device with the counterweight over the top of the monitor. Continue following the on-screen instructions entering the selected parameters as required. Once the calibration is complete save the calibration .


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