Part 5: Monitors

Monitors are divided into two types, software calibrated and hardware calibrated. All monitors supplied with computer systems are software calibrated. The only way to make changes to these monitors is to reprogram the video card in the computer and how well they can be calibrated will depend on the flexibility of this video card. Given enough flexibility these monitors can be calibrated quiet well but they are not specialised for image adjustment but are general purpose monitors. Hardware calibrated monitors are specialised for image manipulation having many features not found in software calibrated monitors.  These features include electronic circuitry within the monitor to allow more accurate calibration, especially stabilised circuitry to allow constancy of calibration, and an even field of view over the surface of the monitor. The calibration of these monitors does not rely on the video card but uses the circuitry within the monitor giving a better calibrated result with more flexibility. This category includes monitors by EIZO and NEC. The hardware calibration of the EIZO is done by the EIZO ColorNavigator software which can use a range of calibration sensors. Any number of calibrations can be set up and stored in memory so that you can change from one calibration to another very quickly. For example you can set up calibrations for different types of printing paper, or for viewing your photographs on a computer monitor or projection system. Once these multiple calibrations have been setup all you have to do is to select the appropriate calibration from a list in the software. This probably only applies to the more expensive calibration systems and to monitors like the EIZO Coloredge monitors.


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